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    3d dental imaging

    One of the most important and exciting developments in dental diagnostic technology in the past decade has been the advent of 3D dental imaging. 

    This incredible technological advancement in dentistry allows us to see your mouth in a way never previously possible with X-ray or medical CT scan technology. 3D dental imaging allows us to see your teeth and skull, diagnose any problems and provide more effective treatment for you.  The unique way 3D dentistry works means it offers numerous features found nowhere else in dental technology. This dental technology has a huge number of advantages over technologies like traditional X-ray and medical CT scans for dental patients.

    When it comes to dental technology, William Linger, DDS, MAGD prides itself on being at the forefront of dental technology. Our fully functional 3D imaging systems are top-of-the line and are ready to help you with your dental needs.  We are proud to be at the forefront of 3D dentistry in Charlotte NC.

    So How Does 3D Dentistry Work?

    The 3D dental imaging process starts with taking a scan of the lower half of the face to create an image. The most widely recognized and technologically advanced method of completing this scan is with a cone-beam computed tomography machine, also known as a CBCT machine.

    The machine takes a full scan of the mouth using a series of small beams of radiation, each of which produces a digital image. This series of images is formed, collected and compiled, at which point they can be converted into a three-dimensional model and used for a variety of dental purposes and procedures.



    The iCat 3D imaging system provides the highest level of Diagnostic Information available. Our 3D Scans enable us to perform Microsurgery with the highest level of safety available. These 3D Scans are also enable use to use Computer Generated Surgical Guides for Dental Implant Surgery.

    Digital Xrays

    Digital Xrays

    We use the cutting-edge digital x-ray NOMAD System in our office that uses the lowest radiation levels available to produce high definition images of your teeth. A small sensor unit that is placed inside your mouth sends pictures to a computer to be recorded and saved. Dr. Linger can isolate any part of your teeth to identify any issues and prescribe the best treatment.


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