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    Some Of Our Dental Patients From Both Charlotte & Around The World That Come To Dr. Linger


    Amy is from Charlotte, NC.  Her job puts her in front of clients every day, so her smile makeover required a doctor with the highest level of skills.  Amy's makeover included orthodontic treatment to correct the space and position of her teeth.  After braces, Porcelain veneers were placed to achieve the gorgeous result you see.

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    Andy is a Dentist from Wilmington, NC, and is one of the many dentists who choose Dr. Linger to perform their cosmetic dental work.  Porcelain Veneers were used to correct the problems with shape and discoloration of his teeth. 

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    Anna is from Charlotte, NC and wanted to fix her smile.  After years of battling dental problems, Anna found Dr. Linger and was able to get the smile she wanted. By restoring her teeth with beautiful porcelain, Dr. Linger corrected all of the color and shape problems caused by years of cavities and fillings.  Sedation enabled Anna to have years of dental problems erased comfortably with just a few visits. 

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    Before her smile makeover, Anna was to able see a Digital Smile Preview of what her new smile would look like.   To learn more about digital smile preview click here. (coming soon)

    Here is her digital smile projection. The final results are even better than the digital projection!

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    Bernardo-International Travel for Smile Makeover

    Bernardo flew to Charlotte from Spain for Dr. Linger to perform his dental implant treatment. Using his skills in Oral Surgery, Dental Implant Microsurgery and Cosmetic Smile Makeovers, Dr. Linger was able to transform Bernardo's smile into a result worth crossing an ocean for.

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    War Veteran and North Carolina resident David chose Dr. Linger for his smile makeover. Dr. Linger used his advanced skills in Sedation, Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Denture Treatment to give David his new smile in Just ONE Day!  These three photos show the BEFORE, DIGITAL SMILE PROJECTION and AFTER RESULTS

    Galina - International Travel for Smile Makeover

    Galina flew to Charlotte from Kazakhstan for her smile makeover with Dr. Linger. While making frequent business trips to Russia, she noticed that “Everyone in Moscow has white teeth.” Her treatment included Veneers, Crowns and Dental Implants to replace missing teeth.  Her Smile Makeover results are just fantastic.

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    Greg-SMILE Technique 

    Greg is from Charlotte, NC and came to Dr. Linger after seeing 3 other dentists for a broken front tooth.  Greg had previously had the tooth removed, an implant placed that failed and also had to wear a removable “flipper.”  He was then told that he would have to wait 8 months to place a new implant.  Greg then came to Dr. Linger for a 2nd opinion and found out that he did not need to wait any longer for the implant.  Using The SMILE Technique, Dr. Linger was able to place a new implant immediately along with a new crown.  Using the advanced technology of 3D imaging and minimally invasive Dental Implant Microsurgery,  Dr. Linger was able to place the new implant and crown immediately. 

    To learn more about the SMILE Technique  click here.

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    Charlotte's most famous blogger,  Jen had her front teeth bonded with less than great results before seeing  Dr. Linger.  A dark tooth stood out in the middle of her smile.  Dr. Linger was able to perform a great bonding result and give her a super smile that matches her outgoing personality.

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    All on Four Smile Makeover with Dental Implants.  Macy is from Charlotte, NC.  After meeting with several other dentists, she chose Dr. Linger to complete her smile transformation.  Macy needed Extractions, Dental Implants and also wanted sedation to comfortable during the procedures.  Dr. Linger was able to remove all of the broken teeth, place implants and new fixed teeth in one appointment so that Macy would not have to wear a denture.  Her final result is a beautiful set of teeth firmly fixed to implants.  She can now smile and eat whatever she wants.

    To learn more about all on four click here.

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    Megan is from Charlotte, NC.  Her smile makeover included Orthodontics, Crowns and Veneers to correct the problems of space and discoloration.  Her results are amazing.

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    Sandra is from Charlotte, NC and wanted to correct her crooked smile.  Using Cosmetic Orthodontics with the 6 Months Smiles Method and whitening, Dr. Linger was able to fix her smile in 6 months.

    To learn more about 6 month smiles click here.

    sandra before and after

    Sue-Younger look with smile makeover

    Sue is from South Carolina.  She had put off going to the dentist for over 15 years due to fear, so she chose sedation for dental treatment to make things comfortable.  Her first concern was making her mouth healthy again.  Sue’s amazing smile makeover included surgery, periodontal treatment, dental implants,  crowns, bridges and veneers.  Her final result was not just a healthy mouth, but one that gave her a dazzling smile!  This made also made her look 10 years younger!

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    Tony-Teeth in a day  with  all on four dental implants

    Tony is from Charlotte, NC and was wearing a partial denture that gagged him.Dr. Linger replaced his partial with "Teeth-In-A-Day" using All-on-4 Dental Implant.  By using Implant Microsurgery, Dr. Linger was able to replace Tony’s partial with teeth that are fixed in place the first day.  Implant Microsurgery allows for fast healing times and same day dental implants.  Dr. Linger is also the only dentist in Charlotte using the X-Guide computer guided dental implant surgery technique. This solution that gave Tony teeth that stay are not removed instantly.  Tony now has a better ability to chew food and also has a fantastic smile.   

    To learn more about this process click here.

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    Wanda is from Charlotte, NC and had avoided the dentist for many years because of fear.  When she   could no longer put off addressing her dental problems, she chose Dr. Linger for her smile makeover.  Using his Caring and Personal MethodTM of Sedation Dentistry, Dr. Linger was able to replace all of Wanda’s teeth with dental implants including All-on-4 Dental implants the give stable fixed in place teeth instead of dentures. Wanda was able to comfortably transform her smile to the beautiful one you see here in the pictures.

    Sedation Dentistry is the answer if you are like Wanda and have high fear or dental phobia.

    smile gallery

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