options for replacing all
    your teeth

    Teeth in one day with All-on-4 Dental Implants and other options


    State-of-the-Art Teeth Replacement with Dr. Linger

    If you are missing all of your upper and/or your lower teeth or are about to have those teeth removed,  there are several options from Dentures to fixed Dental Implants.  Dr. Linger can offer you the most advanced methods of replacing teeth from Cosmetic Dentures to All-on-Four teeth in one day technology.  People travel from all over the World for Dr. Linger's Methods for full replacements.

    One Office, One Doctor, One Fee 

    Dr. Linger provides comprehensive treatment from surgery to restoration of dental implants in one location.  We provide after care and maintenance appointments to help your implants last a lifetime.

    Teeth in One Day! 

    You can have all of your teeth removed and replaced with fixed implant bridges or cosmetic Dentures in ONE DAY with Dr. Linger's Caring and Personal Method of Dentistry.  


    Are you are missing all of your upper and or lower teeth?

    Do you have Dentures you want to replace?

    Here is a Comparison of Dental Implant and Denture Options

    (All photos from the perspective of looking up at the palate)

    Silver Standard

    Removable Porcelain/Acrylic Implant Teeth

    Feels Almost Like Natural Teeth

    Looks Like Natural Teeth

    4-6 Implants

    Platinium Standard

    Non-Removable Porcelain Implant Teeth

    No Plastic

    No Gagging

    Feels and Looks Like Natural Teeth

    6-8 Implants

    Gold Standard

    Non-Removable Porcelain/Acrylic Implant Teeth

    95% Less Plastic than a Denture

    Feels and Looks Like Natural Teeth

    4-6 Implants


    Cosmetic Dentures 

    We make life-like, beautiful looking Cosmetic Dentures that even fool dentists!    All of your teeth can be extracted and replaced with cosmetic dentures in ONE DAY!  

    What is the cost of dental implants?

    We're happy to discuss the cost of the different options at your free consultation.  You can also download our implant guide below. 

    Contact Us & Get Your Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

    The first step is a free consultation to meet Dr. Linger and our team.  We will discuss your goals and answer all your questions and help you understand clearly the best option for you. Contact us to set-up your free consultation.


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