Bone grafting procedures restore bone that has been lost or diminished because of missing teeth or other facial conditions.

    bone grafting

    What is Bone Grafting?

    Bone grafting is a surgical procedure designed to regenerate and rebuild bone and supporting tissues lost to periodontal (gum) disease. A bone graft can be taken from donor bone, from synthetic bone, or directly from the patient’s own healthy bone. It creates a foundation for the growth of new, living bone. Dr. Linger’s Method of Dentistry™ in Charlotte, NC offers Microsurgical bone grafting and regeneration procedures for patients who require bone tissue augmentation to achieve optimal oral health with faster healing times.

    The Bone Grafting Procedure

    Bone grafting procedures can sometimes be done at the same time as a dental extraction or other procedure to make the process as efficient as possible. Generally, a bone grafting procedure involves placing bone graft material in areas where the bone is too sparse. The bone graft material consists of tiny granules of bone suspended in a gel. The bone granules can come from another part of your body or a tissue bank.

    Causes of Bone Insufficiency

    Your jawbone can become insufficient for a number of reasons, ranging from oral disease to facial trauma. The most common causes of not enough healthy jawbone include:

    • Injury or trauma to the face
    • Gum disease
    • Long-term wear of dentures
    • Defects during tooth development
    • Missing teeth
    • Expansion of the Sinuses over time

    Reasons to Undergo Bone Grafting

    Bone grafting is effective at increasing the width and height of the jawbone, and can repair defects in the bone. The procedure can also help to stabilize and restore the foundation of the jaw before another dental procedure is performed, such as dental implant surgery. Following periodontal disease, tooth extraction, or other invasive procedure, bone grafting can help prevent bone loss. 

    When Bone Grafts Are Used

    Dr. Linger’s Method of Dentistry ™ includes minimally invasive Microsurgery combined with the use of these special bone grafting materials and techniques:

    • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
    • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
    • Growth Factors (BMP, PDGF)
    • Self-donated bone
    • Human donor bone Allograft
    • Xenografts

    One of the most common reasons for undergoing bone grafting is for dental implants. As small titanium posts must be inserted it the jawbone, it’s important to have sufficient bone. Dr. Linger performs both Alvelor and Sinus Lift Grafts for Dental Implant Surgery. 

    Faster Healing Times

    Dr. Linger’s Method of Dentistry ™ utilizes Microsurgery and growth factors to accomplish bone grafting in as little as 6 weeks to 3 months time instead of the usual six to nine months of healing.

    Bone Grafting at William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    If you need a bone grafting or dental implant procedure, our dental team in Charlotte, NC can help. For more information about bone grafts or to schedule a consultation with our dentist, contact us today.

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