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    X-Guide implant plan

    The X-Guide™ is the newest and most advanced system available for the placement of dental implants

    Dental implants require special expertise and absolute accuracy in placement, which is why most dental practices don’t do them in-house.  Dr. Linger, as a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, has been recognized for skill in the surgery and restoration of dental implants.  Dr. Linger is one of the few dentists in the world performing Dental Implant Microsurgery, and utilizes the latest technology for for surgical safety and precision, the X-Guide™ navigation system.   Dr. Linger is the first dentist in Charlotte to use this advanced technology.  

    The X-Guide™ is the newest and most advanced system available for the placement of dental implants. Computer Navigated Surgery is the newest advancement in dental implants that take accuracy and success to another level.  The technology allows surgeons to see “virtually” inside the bone , via 3D imaging.

    Turn-by-turn instructions guide surgeons in maneuvering to the exact location where the dental implant post should be positioned (including optimal angle and depth). Think of it as GPS for the surgeon’s instrument. The precision that results from this technology provides patients with even greater functional and aesthetic outcomes.

    X-GuideThe Benefits of X-Guide™

    Patients enjoy several benefits from X-Guide™ as a result of the precise accuracy in placement that it provides. While highly-skilled dental surgeons have a good success rate with traditional dental implants, X-Guide increases that success rate even further. X-Guide™ takes the skill of the surgeon and multiplies it. Simultaneously, treatment times and risks of complication are reduced.

    The Steps of the Procedure

    Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with the process, so you’re fully informed at all times and know what to expect. Dr. Linger follows a series of straightforward steps when using X-Guide:

    1. First, a special tracking array is placed on the teeth and a 3D Cone Beam CT is taken.
    2. Then Dr. Linger uses the X-Guide Software to virtually place the implant in the proper position
    3. On the day of surgery, the tracking array is placed in the patient’s mouth, and 2 cameras combine the live patient view with the CBCT. 
    4.  and registered to the system. Then an array is attached to Dr. Linger’s instrument and it is registered to the system.
    5. Dr. Linger then performs the surgery under dynamic image guidance. Incisions are minimal, and the patient can have confidence that the surgery highly accurate.

    Our patients’ comfort is our priority. If you ever have any questions about the process or what a step in the process involves, we encourage you to ask. 

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    Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

    • They preserve your natural face shape. Unlike some other options that change your appearance, dental implants look and act just like natural teeth, so your face shape is preserved. No one will be able to tell that your teeth aren’t natural, or that you’ve had any type of procedure. Many patients appreciate this cosmetic benefit.
    • With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about your teeth. Due to the fact that dental implants look just like your natural teeth, you can be confident in your smile. And because they are permanent, unlike dentures, you won’t need to worry about them falling out or moving around. One of the best things about implants is that you don’t have to think about them day-to-day.
    • It’s easy to speak with dental implants. Dentures can create speaking challenges, which you don’t have to deal with if you have implants instead. Because implants feel just like natural teeth, you won’t be able to tell a difference between speaking with implants versus speaking with natural teeth.
    • You don’t need to remove implants. Dentures must be removed, cleaned, and stored in a cup. Dental implants keep your teeth in your mouth! Implants can be treated like your real teeth. You can floss and brush normally, and you don’t need to remove them. Implants are the utmost in convenience.
    • Dental implants are made to last. While dental bridges typically last only five to seven years, implants usually last a lifetime. You may need to periodically get them adjusted as your mouth changes over time, but they are a very cost-effective solution long term.
    • Implants protect the bone. When you lose a tooth, space is created in your mouth. Over time, the jawbone that is designed to support a tooth begins to deteriorate at the place where the tooth should be. Dental implants restore and preserve your healthy natural bone, and even stimulate bone growth!
    • You can eat your favorite foods. Dentures come with many food restrictions. Since implants function just like real teeth, you have no food restrictions. You can eat whatever you like, including popcorn, apples, and any of your other favorite foods. Most patients report this benefit as one of their top priorities.
    • Dental implants don’t move. One of the biggest disadvantages of dentures is that they are susceptible to slipping when you talk, eat, smile, yawn, cough, etc. Patients regularly report having to reposition them, something that can be highly annoying. Dental implants are fused to your jawbone, so they aren’t at risk of moving around in your mouth. You can be confident that they’ll stay exactly where they should be.
    • Implants protect the healthy teeth. Bridges function by being attached to adjacent teeth. Attaching the bridge requires grinding away a portion of the teeth on either side of the bridge. This damage can’t be avoided with a bridge. Implants, however, adhere to the jawbone itself, just like a natural tooth would, and leave healthy teeth unharmed. Implants also help to prevent these healthy, adjacent teeth from shifting around, which is always a risk with bridges.
    • Dental implants are highly predictable. Implants have a proven track record of reliable success, long term. Bridgework and dentures are at risk of developing problems that must be addressed. And retreatment of failing root canal (endodontic) therapy is also a risk. Patients with dental implants have greater peace of mind.
    • Dental implants are easier to clean. Dentures must be removed for cleaning, and bridges have nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. Implants are just like natural teeth when it comes to cleaning — you can simply floss and brush just like you normally would. Because they are easier to clean, implants are much less likely to cause cavities in otherwise healthy teeth.

    If you have questions about dental implants or X-Guide technology in particular, we welcome you to call us at 704-364-2510. We’re happy to chat with you.  You also can call our office at 704-364-2510 to schedule a complimentary appointment with Dr. Linger to discuss all of your options for dental implants here in our office!

    dental implants guide

    dental implants guide