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    What Some of Our Dental Patients Say About Us...

    Want to know what our patients think about us?

    William Linger, DDS, MAGD is the premier dental care provider in the Charlotte, NC area. We offer you the same affordable dentistry you can find at dental care chains but with the personalized care of a private practice. We are great at what we do, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot when we say it. So, here are real patient reviews about the experience you can expect here.

    Read through these testimonials, and see why so many people have counted on William Linger, DDS,. MAGD since 2000 for all their dentistry needs. Call our Charlotte, NC dental office today to schedule your appointment at 704-364-2510, or use our online contact form to schedule your appointment instead.

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    "My family and I are very pleased and grateful for Dr. Linger and his team. They are very good at what they do and we appreciate the relaxed and comfortable environment. They are always willing to explain the things completely and help us make the best choices for our dental health. Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional at all times. William Linger, DDS, MAGD is the BEST dentist in Charlotte!"

    dental testimonial Tony Shannon, Patient Since 2003

    "Dr. Linger, since you completed my new smile to say the least…I am totally thrilled with the result! Your concerns about me, making me feel comfortable and doing all the right things were not overlooked. I feel truly blessed that I have you as my Dentist. My life has changed because of this procedure (for the better I must add) and it all happened because of you and your staff."

    David A. - Sales Executive, Charlotte

    Dr. Linger’s attention to detail,expertise and skill truly sets his work apart from other dental experiences I’ve had in the past. Having the latest technologies has saved me time and money.

    Kelly Kidder, Patient Since 2005

    Dr. Linger has been my dentist for many years. He’s always done an excellent job with my dental care and has gone out of his way to help me. On top of all that he has a great “tooth-side” manner. I got married a year ago and now my wife and kids see him and love him. One of the best parts about it all is that while he’s drilling a cavity I can watch the Golf Channel with a headset on.

    Mark Hester, Patient Since 2000

    They made my experience so wonderful, and single handedly changed my feelings about going to a dentist.

    Kristen Deaton, Patient Since 1999

    Dr. Linger’s practice and staff are totally phenomenal in every aspect …from personable check-ins to sincere and personalized follow-ups with major surgeries. I’m not afraid to go to the dentist anymore!

    John Rathmore, Patient Since 2002

    Why would someone drive all the way from Lenoir, N.C. for their dental care (A risk of 1.5 hours each way)? There are two main reasons: Great service culture. Everybody in this organization provides great service and staying current – This is a staff that constantly works hard to stay up-to-date in their field. I’ve found it an unbeatable combination! Great service!

    J. Dana Clark, Professor, Appalachian State University

    Dr Linger is ranked #1 among Charlotte dentists.

    Dr. Oogle,

    Because of Dr. Linger’s academically prestigious qualifications, I was able to have a soft tissue graft/frenectomy performed at his office without the need to also visit a periodontist as I would have had to do were I to see another dentist in the Charlotte area. I am greatly satisfied with Dr. Linger work, both with the results of this procedure and the bonding he performed on my teeth. The costs for services may be above average, but the professional, highly trained hygienists/dentist one gets in return are definitely worthwhile. Plus, Dr. Linger’s office offers payment plans for higher priced services. Finally, all staff at the office are expertly professional, understanding, and kind. I would undoubtedly recommend this dentist to others.

    Jacob McCulley

    Ashley has been my hygienist for the past few years and I just love her. She is very, very thorough, puts you at ease and provides excellent recommendations for post cleaning care.

    Stephanie Conklin

    Bill is an expert in the field of dentistry as well and is an extraordinary individual that I have had the pleasure to call my dentist, my client, and my friend. Professionally he is easy and reliable to do business with as he has been my client for several years. As a dentist he has a cutting edge practice and staff that make them a pleasure to do business with for yourself and your family. The overall package that is Dr. Bill Linger is a rare combination of all the good things and none of the bad. In any capacity Dr. Bill Linger will be an asset to you and is one of the good guys!

    Tony Shannon, Vice President/Partner, Waypoint Solutions Group

    Bill is an excellent dentist. Our entire family goes to him. The entire staff is professional and friendly. I have had very detailed and extensive work done and the results are amazing. We actually look forward to visiting the dentist’s office!

    Scott Willis, HR Professional

    I recently switched to Dr. Linger, and was amazed at the thoroughness, quality, and attention to the customer. His practice is the best dentist practice I have ever worked with. I can honestly say I no longer dread going to the dentist.

    John Ratliff, Small Business Consultant; Retired CPA

    I have been a patient of Bill Linger for two years. I will recommend him to everyone. I receive great dental care from his entire office. Bill is a very caring person.

    Steve Kaplan, Owner, Relax the Back

    Dentistry EXACTLY as it should be! Dr. Linger’s practice and staff are absolutely phenomenal in every aspect all the way from personable check-ins to sincere and personalized follow-ups with major surgeries. Not only is Dr. Linger literally a master of his trade (actually has his Mastership of Dentistry), but he is also master of knowing how to properly run a “perfect service! – patient since 1998

    Marc Mataya, Straightline - Credit Card Merchant Accounts

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