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    Enhanced Visibility for Enhanced Results

    Dr Linger

    Enhanced Visibility for Enhanced Results

    We are one of the few dental implant facilities in the world that performs Dental Implant Microsurgery. Our main goal is to comfortably replace your teeth without the traumatic impact of major incisions.

    We use the power of our surgical microscope to magnify the area while greatly minimizing the need to expose larger surface areas for extended periods of time during surgery.

    "Using state-of-the-art technology and treatment modalities, my amazing team and I work hard to both preserve and restore the function, durability and beauty of your dental health.  Our patients much prefer the smaller openings required to place the implants over the trauma of a more major surgery,”

    Dr. William Linger

    The Benefits of Microsurgery

    • The microscope allows Dr. Linger to use very small incisions to place each implant
    • Reduced trauma minimizes patient discomfort and swelling
    • Very precise placement and alignment of each implant
    • Faster Healing Times

    Is Dental Implant Microsurgery for You?

    • It is if you have lost one or more of your teeth 
    • It is if you are embarrassed about smiling or speaking because of your teeth
    • It is if you have constant fitting problems with your dentures
    • It is if you have problems chewing and enjoying certain foods

    Call our office at 704-364-2510 to schedule a FREE  appointment with Dr. Linger to discuss all of your options by using dental implant microsurgery here in our office!  Download our free guide on dental implants and learn more below:

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