Why dr. Linger

Few Dentists have received the level of training that Dr. Linger has.

Few dentists have received the level of training that Dr. Linger has as a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. Less than 1% of dentists have achieved this designation. This represents training across a broad range of dentistry from surgery to cosmetics.  Dr. Linger has served as the dedicated Dental Implant Surgeon for a large group practice. Now with his own solo location, he and his team are uniquely qualified to provide expert level care at one location for patients seeking dental implants. That’s why we have been named a Real Choice Dental Implant Location for Charlotte.

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Faster Recovery Times

Using the latest advances in 3D ConeBeam CT evaluation and Dental Implant Microsurgery, Dr. Linger’s Caring and Personal Method of Dental Implant Microsurgery Results in faster healing times for our patients. Microsurgery allows for dental implant placement without the traumatic impact of major incisions. This means less pain, swelling and faster recovery.

  • Often surgery can be performed without the need for stitches!
  • Reduced trauma minimizes patient discomfort and swelling
  • Very precise placement and alignment of each implant

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Call our office at 704-364-2510 to receive FREE Information on dental implants and to schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Linger to discuss all of your options by using dental implant microsurgery here in our office!




modern dentistry



“Dr. Linger solved a big problem for me. I have had work done by dental specialists previously but the one-stop shop that Dr. Linger maintains works well. You don’t need to coordinate work between specialists. During the past year, Dr. Linger performed a sinus lift, bone grafting, and five implants in both sides of my mouth. The outcome is amazing. His clinic has the latest equipment, his staff is super friendly. There is a family feeling to his practice. With the latest equipment, the cleaning is done in far less time than in a traditional dental office. Above all, Dr. Linger is a truly skilled dental professional Once you meet Dr. Linger and more so after you see his professional work, all your concerns would dissipate. He is truly a master of a variety of dental specialties.”

Nabil Elias


“What I appreciate as a consumer of excellent provider services (to the point of research prior, and a consult with Dr. Linger and staff) is that Dr. Linger and his staff make special efforts to ensure you are Number One. It’s not only about stellar dentistry (which is a given with Dr. Linger) it about the care in the chair, and the after care. It’s like you are with family. They take note of your needs and be sure they are met. Dr. Linger is careful, and fussy about his approach — doing what is right, not what is easy or just what I happen to want. I had so much work by Dr. Linger that I feel very confident in saying what I have. The visits are easily over 10, and I look forward to them. That’s the truth. I miss the staff, and they welcome me like an old friend when I return. The highest of marks to all of them. And, yes, they are a little more expensive, but stand behind all their work, for life. Priceless.”

Very Happy Patient

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