Facts & Solutions For Dental Implant Problems.


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    dental implant problems

    Dental implants provide a wonderful replacement for those with missing or damaged teeth. Because they integrate into the body's bone structure, they offer a sturdy and natural feeling replacement without affecting any adjacent teeth. This makes them an ideal solution to long-term tooth replacement and an improvement in the look, feel, and functionality of one's teeth overall. Like any procedure, there are a few problems with dental implants that could potentially limit or disable their success altogether.   While a majority of cases are successful, there are some concerns pertaining to one's oral health that could lead to complications.

    Dental Implants & Oral Health:

    Implants require a healthy and well-maintained mouth in order to work properly.  Diseases that case the loss of teeth: Decay, Gum Disease and Bite problems also cause the loss of implants. The better your teeth are taken care of, the better chance for success your implants will have. Sufficient jawbone density is essential in order to ensure a stably placed implant.

    Regular oral hygiene is also necessary to ensure its longevity. Brushing and flossing consistently is important, but so is avoiding certain substances that may lead to problems. Tobacco use is especially harmful to implants and greatly increases the chance of infection. 

    Without proper dental care and attention, a number of problems may arise that could ultimately lead to the removal of the implant. Bacterial infection around the implant can prevent it from integrating properly with the bone.

    It can also break the bond between the implant's surface and the bone tissue after it's been formed. Grinding or clenching your teeth may overload the implant, which could disrupt the bonding process and potentially lead to fracture.

    Dedication to strict oral hygiene goes a long way towards preventing these problems. The best chance of success is in treating your mouth diligently with all the care it would regularly need. 

     Failure & Treatment:

    When an implant doesn't set into place properly or doesn't fuse to the bone, this is referred to as implant failure. Causes of implant failure include the things mentioned above but may also result from the general risk of such surgery.

    Anatomical factors, bone density, improper placement, bone disease, and insufficient blood supply to the area are all variables that may affect a successful outcome. Usually, these problems can be avoided with prior knowledge from your dentist beforehand. If you do have concerns related to surgical complications, be sure to mention them before getting started. 

    If an implant failure does occur, there are a few treatment options that vary depending on the situation. Bone grafts or gum drafts may be able to solve the problem without removing the implant if a lack of bone or gum tissue is the only issue.

    In other cases, replacing the implant may be the only option, as it may be necessary to treat whatever prevented its success in order to prevent a re-occurrence. In dire circumstances, the implant may need to be removed altogether without replacement. Severe bone and gum diseases, as well as continual heavy smoking, may result in a replacement being unsuitable. 

    Dental Implants In Charlotte N.C.

    At the dental office of Dr. Linger DDS, MAGD, we offer a number of dental implant options to provide a solution that suits you best. Dr. Linger is one of the few dentists in the world to offer dental implant microsurgery, a minimally invasive process which is more comfortable than traditional methods with faster recovery time.

    Using the latest technology, we're able to provide realistic and aesthetically pleasing implants in a safe and comfortable manner few other dental offices could achieve. We believe in making dentistry both pleasant and convenient, which is why we offer full dental implant surgery and restoration in one location and with one doctor.

    Visit us here to learn more and see why we've been one of the most trusted dental offices in Charlotte N.C. for more than 20 years.  

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