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    Benefits of Microscope Dentistry

    The truth is that many people are scared of the dentist. Even though they know that they need good dental care, they often wait until the pain is unbearable to go. Their teeth may be falling out and they still are holding off on going to the ...

    What is Microscope Dentistry and How Can It Help?

    A lot the important things about your mouth are microscopically small. Special instruments are needed to work with them. The Dental Microscope: A dental operating microscope (D.O.M.) has been a key tool for endodontic (root canal) dentistry since it ...

    Advantages for Patient's Under the Dental Microscope

    No matter how talented a dentist might be, if a they doesn't use an operating microscope for dental work, they are handicapping themselves. The human hands can perform tasks with much great accuracy than even the strongest human eyes can see. The ...