Dentist 28211 - 5 Ways Dental Health Hurt By Waiting Too Long.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    dentist 28211

    Whether it's fear, finances, or a lack of time, you are hurting your dental health by waiting too long to get to the dentist. Routine exams and procedures should never be delayed and when you wait until you're suffering from pain, a cavity or decayed tooth, or serious injury to take care of your dental health, you could be dealing with far more severe issues. Here's what can happen when you wait too long to make your dental health a priority.

    1. Decay and Tooth-Loss

    Whether you're skipping your routine exam or ignoring that filling you may need, decay and the loss of a tooth is just about as serious as it gets. Without the proper care, cavities begin to form in your teeth. And when those cavities are not taken care of, your tooth begins to decay.

    Once decay has set in, it's only a matter of time before the tooth is lost altogether. Decay and tooth-loss are typically not limited to one tooth either, and as problems begin to spread, you could lose all or most of your teeth.

    2. Pain and Toothaches

    If you ignore your dental health for too long, cavities, infections, and other complications can cause you immense pain. Toothaches can become so severe that your daily life becomes hard to manage. Over-the-counter medications and home remedies can only help with pain so much without treating the root of the problem. 

    Pain is also a strong indicator for oral infections, which can spread to other areas of the body when left untreated. Teeth sensitivity, discomfort, or any other pain should be addressed immediately by your dentist.

    3. Bad Breath and Stains

    Bad breath doesn't just come from a lack of brushing or cleaning your teeth. When your teeth begin to decay or you have gum disease, it can cause very bad breath that doesn't even go away with brushing or mouthwash.

    Not only does this bad breath indicate potentially serious dental problems, but it's also an embarrassing symptom that no one wants to deal with. And when you are not checking in with your dentist, those everyday stains can become a much more noticeable hassle.

    4. Increased Risk for Diseases

    Advances in modern science help us to understand how impactful poor dental health really is. Your oral health is linked to a variety of other health issues and impacts your overall well-being greatly.

    In addition to the obvious dental problems, ignoring your dental health can increase the risk of developing a variety of diseases and conditions like cancer, diabetes, pulmonary disease, and even pregnancy-related complications. It can also increase your chances of developing hypertension, dementia, and kidney failure as well.

    5. Costly Future Procedures

    We all know that when you ignore a problem, it doesn't just go away. The same is true for your dental health and if you ignore any problems, you may end up paying for it in the end. Ignoring one cavity, for instance, can turn from a simple, inexpensive procedure, to a much longer, expensive one when tooth decay and infection have set in.

    Much like any other aspect of your health, addressing any dental concerns and keeping up with your regularly scheduled exams helps to prevent a lot of pain and expense in the future.

    Great oral health should be at the top of every person's priority list. If you're a Charlotte resident that's been waiting too long to prioritize your dental health, contact our trusted and knowledgeable staff today. We can help you address any dental concerns you may have and set you on the right path to a beautiful and healthy smile.

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