Are You Long Overdue for a Teeth Cleaning? Find a Dentist Charlotte NC.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    find a dentist charlotte nc

    When you have other concerns in life, regular teeth cleanings fall by the wayside. This can result in more dental work necessary and cause difficulty in choosing a dentist. Here's how to choose your next dentist in the Charlotte area to make your smile bright again.

    How to tell if you're overdue for a teeth cleaning

    Some signs that mean you need a dentist to clean your teeth are:

    • yellow teeth
    • halitosis (bad breath)
    • plaque and tartar buildup
    • puffy, bleeding gums (gingivitis)

    Take your time choosing a dentist

    Patients desire a dentist who is not only skilled but comfortable to talk to. They want a dentist who will make their visits as pain-free as possible. And with modern technology, dentistry has come a long way.

    Patients, therefore, have a greater ability to find a dentist who will encourage their dental health and offers several advanced technologies in a one-stop location. The following is a list of advanced technologies you can ask if your local dentist offers:

    Modern practices in dentistry

    Sedation dentistry

    The fifth most common type of anxiety is dental phobia. Many people with dental phobia have had bad experiences with dentists before, whether with the dentist personally, pain issues, or both. Another possibility is that they had negative experiences with wearing braces or retainers around their peers during childhood.

    Dentists came up with sedation dentistry not only to eliminate patients' pain but to calm anxious patients since stress exacerbates the sensation of pain and discomfort. Sedation allows for the patient to have little to no memory of the procedures and come away feeling refreshed.

    The other benefit of sedation is for the dentist to treat the patient quickly and in as few visits as possible. 

    The type of sedation available depends on what the patient needs:

    • oral medication to take an hour before the appointment (diazepam, triazolam, zaleplon, lorazepam, or hydroxyzine)
    • IV sedation
    • inhalation of laughing gas, also known as "twilight sedation"
    • local anesthetic (injection)

    Dental insurance covers general anesthetic, but dentists such as William Linger, DDS, MAGD, specifically cover sedation dentistry. 

    Teeth cleaning

    One of the current treatments for patients with gingivitis and periodontitis involves chemical and mechanical debridement, followed by Perio Protect. Tooth extractions nowadays do not leave a large amount of swelling. 

    Alternately is the use of dental lasers, which were specifically designed for oral surgery and deep cleaning. The first lasers were for use on the gums and other soft tissues, and later they were approved for teeth, mandible and other hard tissues.

    Diagnosis and surgery

    • Safer 3D x-rays: Traditional x-rays expose patients to inorganic mercury. Now, there are mercury-free x-ray options available. 
    • Microscope dentistry for quick and accurate diagnosis
    • Pinhole surgery for minimally invasive restoration for recessed gums. Unlike traditional gum grafting, it is far quicker and requires far less downtime.

    BioMimetic Tooth Restoration 

    Patients who need their teeth fixed would traditionally need to have root canal (endodontic) therapy, tooth extraction, and crowns. They no longer have to with the biomimetic tooth restoration procedure. It accomplishes two purposes:

    • save teeth
    • remain as close as possible to the natural shape of the tooth
    • save patients money
    • be easily repairable
    • last a long time
    • treat infection
    • strengthen teeth

    Dental implants

    in conjunction with computer-navigated and guided dental implant surgery is the S.M.I.L.E. technique. This technique offers a new standard of dental implants which involves a microscope for tooth extraction, followed by a temporary implant with a custom crown before a natural-looking permanent implant. 

    Concierge dentistry

    Monthly insurance premiums may be more expensive than privately paying for certain procedures. With concierge dentistry, patients who visit a private practice can seek reimbursement from their insurance company or employer. Some practices provide a flat rate for preventative services as well as a discount for restorative services.

    The dental practice of William Linger, DDS, MAGD, offers all of the above options and more to make you feel comfortable during your visits. If you're interested in how our dental services can create beautiful smiles, contact us today.

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