6 High-Tech Treatments for Myers Park Dental Care.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

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    Do you cringe at the thought of seeing a dentist? Then take heart. Thanks to several advanced, high-tech dental treatments, many people are no longer afraid of dental visits. In addition to offering more comfort, these high-tech methods are more hygienic and safer. Here are six high-tech dental options and advancements for Myers Park dental care, along with a couple of considerations.

    1. Dental Implant Microsurgery

    If you live in Myers Park or the greater Charlotte area and need dental implant surgery, consider yourself fortunate. This is because our dental practice is one of the few implant facilities worldwide that does dental implant microsurgery.

    The main goal of dental implant microsurgery is to make patients feel comfortable when replacing their teeth by not having to undergo the trauma of major incisions. By using a powerful surgical microscope, we're able to enlarge the affected area significantly, while minimizing the need for exposing more areas during implant surgery.

    2. Guided Implant Dentistry

    Perhaps you may have heard of guided implant dentistry but aren't quite sure what it means. Simply put, it's a type of advanced dental technology that involves the precise placement of implants in a patient's jawbone at the exact angle and depth. This gives the best aesthetic and functional results.

    The procedure begins with a patient's 3D (three-dimensional) images that show a dentist the exact details on where implants should be placed. Guided implant dentistry enables a dentist to view every part of the jaw for determining where to exactly locate the implant. Additionally, it lets a dentist know the size and shape that an implant should be.

    3. Dental Lasers

    The innovative dental technology known as dental lasers offers patients much more comfort than procedures used in the past. Dental lasers are used to treat gum disease, besides get rid of excess gum tissue that can give people a gummy smile. By lengthening a patient's crown and reshaping the gum, patients aren't afraid to smile, again, since they know their smiles are more attractive.

    Dental lasers are also used for dental implant surgeries that are more complicated. In addition to making treatments more effective and quicker, there's hardly any post-operative discomfort, and patients heal quicker.

    4. Microscope Enhanced Gum Therapy 

    Also known as MEGT, microscope enhanced gum therapy is a non-surgical way to treat periodontal diseases instead of surgery, which used to be the only option. The therapy uses specialized instruments designed to clean below a patient's gum line. 

    One of main benefits of this treatment is that it gets rid of infection. What's more, in many cases, bone is restored. Moreover, MEGT removes tartar (calculus) deposits and bacteria-harboring scar tissue (granulation tissue). It also eliminates bacterial biofilm by using ultrasonic instruments.

    5. Cone Beam Imaging

    By using a cone 3D scanner, dentists can see what is taking place in a patient's mouth. Cone beam imaging, which is a type of computed tomography (CT) scan, builds a 3D image of tissues, such as bone tissue, by using several x-rays. 

    The scanner takes 360-degree images of not only the mouth, but it also photographs the jaw and skull. Consider that the ability to view the jaw joint or any tooth joint is a huge factor in making dental implants and other dental procedures extremely more accurate.

    6. Air Abrasion

    Another high-tech dental treatment is air abrasion, which is also know as particle spray. Typical particle sizes are either 27 um or 50 um wide. The larger the particles, the faster a clinician can work. However, larger particles mean having to prepare a larger cavity. 

    Air abrasion is a much better method than have to use a dental drill, which is a common phobia, affecting about 6.6 million people. Air abrasion also doesn't require needles, and your mouth doesn't feel numb after leaving the dental office. Besides treating cavities, it's used for other tooth conditions.


    • Besides rendering clearer images in less time, digital X-rays involve significantly less radiation, compared to traditional X-ray film.
    • Air abrasion is exceptionally safe. All you need to wear is protective eyewear so that your eyes aren't irritated from the spray.

    Dr. William Linger continues to stay current on the most advanced and high-tech dental treatments. We have the latest equipment and tools to ensure our Charlotte and Myers Park patients receive the highest quality dental care.

    If you live in Myers Park, we're not far from you, making dental appointments convenient. Please contact us and learn more about our wide range of dental services, all under one roof. 

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