Six Myths About Dental Implants Debunked.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    myths about dental implants

    If you are suffering from tooth loss, then you probably have heard about dental implants.  Strong, stable and permanent, dental implants, also called teeth implants, are metal screws or posts that a restorative dentist surgically places into the jawbone beneath the gums. Once in position, replacement teeth are mounted onto the screws. 

    Implants are the most effective way to correct your smile and can replace one tooth or a mouthful of teeth.  They look, feel and perform like natural teeth. In fact, the American Dental Association says, "Implants are an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile. In fact, the development and use of implants is one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years."

    Yet myths about dental implants persist, preventing some qualified candidates from getting the dental help that they need.  Here we debunk six of these myths so you can consider whether implants might be right for you.

    Everyone Will Know You Have Implants

    Dentures are often obvious, so implants must be, too, right?  Not so!  Implants look so much like real teeth that no one will know you have them unless you tell them.  This is thanks to the latest dental technology and the translucent quality of the materials used in the implant crown.  Implants also help your mouth, smile and face keep their natural form so no one will suspect that your teeth are not real. 

    Implants Do Not Last Long

    Not true! Every patient is different and there are no guarantees, but implants can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained.  This involves brushing, flossing and seeing a dentist regularly just like with your natural teeth.  Implants last a long time because they are sealed under a crown. 

    You Will Have New Teeth in a Day

    This myth comes from overzealous advertising, leaving some people to think that they can get their implants in a day.   It is true that implants are usually placed in a patient's mouth in one day, but the entire implant process also involves an initial consultation, X-rays or scans, preparing the implants and possibly follow up appointments.  This process ensures that a patient is a good candidate for implants and that the implants are properly placed.

    Implants are for Young People

    The fact is that age is not a factor in determining if someone is a good implant candidate.  Instead, a restorative dentist will evaluate a patient's overall health, jaw bone strength and gum tissue health.  These are what is important, not a person's age.  People of any age can benefit from implants.

    Getting Implants is Painful

    This myth is fairly common.  In reality, implant surgery is performed with anesthesia, nitrous oxide, also known as "laughing gas," or sedation.  This ensures that the patient feels no pain during the procedure. There might be some tenderness afterward, but this is usually easily remedied with over the counter pain medication.  Stronger pain medication can be prescribed if necessary. 

    Implant Surgery is Risky

    Every surgery involves some risk, but dental implant surgery has an overall success rate of 95% to 98%.  Except in rare cases, implants do not fall out, and they cannot get lost.  Few things in life have such a high success rate, and most patients are delighted with their new teeth.

    Restorative dental surgery has the power to change lives by returning the confidence that comes with having a fully functioning set of teeth.  If you are thinking about implants, please contact us.  We will answer your questions and set up an appointment in our comfortable office to see if you are a good candidate for implant surgery.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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