Nine Reasons Why You Will Love Dental Implants.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    why you will love dental implants

    Having missing teeth is no fun.  You are not able to chew certain kinds of food. You might be reluctant to smile and lack the self-confidence that you once had. Dentures and bridges are options to help you regain your smile, but each has its disadvantages. Dentures can slip, crack and cause bone loss. A bridge also brings the risk of decay and bone loss under the bridge.

    Luckily, a third option, dental implants, can restore your smile without the downsides that come with dentures and bridges.  These implants are posts or screws that replace tooth roots and fuse with the jawbone. They quickly become as secure and as stable as a natural root. 

    Crowns that look like real teeth are then placed on top of the screws or posts for a natural appearance.  Patients love dental implants, and here are nine reasons why you will, too. 

    One Missing Tooth or Many

    Whether you have just one missing tooth or a whole mouthful, there is an implant solution for you.  It also does not matter where in your mouth you have missing teeth. A restorative dentist can place implants anywhere that you need them.

    Easy Maintenance

    Unlike dentures that must be removed and soaked every night, implants are as permanent as your natural teeth.  They need no special maintenance other than regular brushing, routine flossing and dental check-ups. 

    Peace of Mind

    With dentures, you are never quite sure if they will stay in place.  If they are ill-fitting, you can have difficulty chewing and speaking.  All of this can lead to feelings of insecurity and even a fear of social situations.  Implants give peace of mind because you know that they will not slip or move.  Once they are in your mouth, they are there to stay.

    Chew Your Favorite Foods

    Dentures are a foreign object. They can cause pain and discomfort, and eating with them is sometimes difficult because you have to chew on both sides of your mouth using only your back teeth. Needless to say, eating can quickly lose its appeal. Not so with implants because you are chewing with durable, permanent teeth.  Ready for a juicy steak, an apple or corn on the cob?  No problem!

    Long Lasting

    Every patient is different, but with proper care, implants can last decades or even a lifetime. Compare this with bridges that can wear out and need replacing or with dentures that often need to be adjusted, religned or even remade if bone loss occurs beneath them.

    Youthful Appearance

    Implants help you stay young-looking because they help maintain the natural shape of your face, just like real teeth do. Dentures cannot do this because if the jawbone beneath them loses density, it can lead to a sunken facial expression. This will make you look older than you really are. 


    Bridges can become uncomfortable over time. Dentures can cause bone density loss and become ill-fitting.  Implants, on the other hand, always fit and are always comfortable because they are just like real teeth. They will not shift, decay or pop out.

    Prevent Further Dental Issues

    Bacteria likes to hang out in the gaps left behind by missing teeth. This can lead to gum disease and cavities.  And the teeth on either side of these gaps like to move into the gap, causing bite problems.  Implants prevent both bacteria from entering the gaps and teeth from moving to take over the empty spaces, saving dental headaches and extra costs down the road.

    No One Will Know

    Maybe best of all, no one will know that you have implants. They are completely natural looking, even translucent like real teeth. The only way anyone will know that your beautiful smile is not real is if you tell them.

    If you have missing teeth and are ready for a permanent solution, then please contact us.  Our professional, dedicated staff looks forward to working with you.


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