4 Signs that You Should Consider Oral Sedation Dentistry.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    oral sedation dentistry

    Very few people look forward to a trip to the dentist. Even if you're excited about getting a long-term dental problem fixed or how nice your teeth will look after a cosmetic treatment, actually sitting in the chair is probably not your idea of fun. But some people have a harder time sitting through necessary dentistry than others. In fact, some people really can't handle it.

    If you're one of those people who just can't stay calm while your teeth are inspected, there's a good chance that sedation dentistry could be your ideal solution.

    While dentist sedation isn't the right answer for everybody (some people can talk around a dentist's hands happily for hours), sedation can help you get through a number of unpleasant reactions to your necessary dental treatments. Is sedation dentistry right for you?

    Here are four clear signs that a little sedation could go a long way to helping you relax while your teeth are worked on.

    1) You Tend to Panic in the Dentist's Chair

    The number one reason people tend to opt for sedation during their dental work is panic. Some people just can't handle the experience of having sharp tools or someone else's hands in their mouth. There's nothing to be ashamed of, but if your heart races and you start thinking about ways to push your dentist away and lunge for the door a little sedation might just be the right answer.

    If you panic in the dentist's chair, chances are your dentist already knows you have an issue. They may try to talk gently to you, explain what they're doing. But overall, both of you could be happier with the appointment if you planned to 'space out' during your procedures.

    2) You Have a Low Tolerance for Discomfort

    Another reason many people opt for sedation dentistry is to help deal with a low tolerance for discomfort and pain. Even a regular cleaning can feel invasive and even painful if your gums are tender and more intensive treatments seem to go way too far.

    Whether you don't like the feeling of keeping your mouth open wide, can't stand fingers in your mouth, or are particularly sensitive to pain during treatments, sedation can help. Even a small amount of sedation can help you to relax and worry less about temporary discomfort or pain.

    3) You Have a Very Strong Gag Reflex

    Most people gag a little bit when they go through a dental examination, but can control it well enough to finish. Some, however, have a uniquely strong gag reflex that is prepared to eject absolutely anything that approaches the back of the throat with more solidity than a smoothie.

    From dental tools to your dentists hands, there's a chance you're one of the people who gags so hard it lifts them from the chair. Maybe you even threw up once because your gag reflex is so strong.

    Unfortunately, dental work is absolutely necessary for a long and happy life so skipping the gagging issue isn't an opportunity. The good news is that you can actually take yourself away from the experience. When you undergo sedation dentistry, the dentist can do their thing and you can let your thoughts drift away for an hour or so.

    4) You've Ever Bitten A Dentist (After Age 10)

    The next very clear sign that sedation dentistry is your best choice is the dentist bite. While we all know what those sterile gloves taste like, fewer people than you think have actually taken a chomp out of the dentist. But sometimes you can't help it.

    Biting is often an involuntary response that is paired either with gagging or panic. If you're feeling fear when your dentist reaches in to examine your teeth, that fear might cause you to bit down. Hard. No one wants to bite their dentist by accident and, trust us, no dentist is hoping to get bit.

    If you bite without thinking after your 10th birthday, it's vital to fix this problem with practice and talking to your dentist is not a bad idea and they can make a helpful recommendation on which sedative dose would work best for you.

    To learn what is sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry, contact us today!

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