Achieve A Brighter Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    professional teeth whitening

    Maintaining a healthy and beautiful is no simple task. From the foods we eat to natural aging over time, there's an almost continual process of wearing and staining happening throughout our lives. Sugary, acidic, and dark colored substances that we ingest are always affecting the health of our teeth.

    As dentine layers thin over time, this can also contribute to them looking dingier and less healthy. Regular care is necessary to ensure the longevity of our dental health, but having a clear white smile can be made easier with a little help.

    Teeth whitening procedures are a common treatment in cosmetic dentistry with the power to make your smile look its best. 

    Teeth Whitening Services:

    The overall process of teeth whitening is pretty simple. In most cases, stains are broken into smaller pieces using peroxide or other measures. This makes the color on your teeth less concentrated and produces a brighter look.

    Most forms of yellowing teeth are easily treated this way, though not every case is as simple. Damaged teeth may be more difficult or incapable of being treated, and other treatments like fillings, crowns, and veneers can't be whitened.

    In cosmetic dentistry, most teeth whitening services fall into one of two categories. These are "at-home" and "in-office" whitening. Either option should result in a whiter and more satisfying smile, though there are a few key differences. 

    At-Home Whitening

    This method tends to be more effective. There are some over the counter options for teeth whitening kits, though seeing a dentist usually provides a better experience. Our system uses custom made trays that fit comfortably in the mouth for you to take home.

    The trays are given a whitening gel and can be worn a few hours any time of day. You may even prefer wearing them to sleep. The process should take less than two weeks to complete. Also, we offer a specialized gel for those with sensitive teeth to avoid any unnecessary irritation. 

    In-Office Whitening

    The advantage of in-office whitening is that it can be done in as little as one visit. Using the most advanced whitening technology, you can achieve satisfactory results without needing to wear whitening trays over an extended period of time. The process is slightly less effective, however, we also provide a custom at-home whitening tray for these treatments for you touch up your smile as needed. 

    Teeth Whitening Effects

    The whitening process has been refined well over the years. Treatments are safeguarded to prevent any damage to the rest of the mouth and the results are well-assured. Advancements in technology have also made the process much faster and more affordable for people wanting their teeth to look their best. When done by a professional, whitening can be a safe and reliable to achieve a smile you're happier and more comfortable with. 

    Some people may experience a slight discomfort due to tooth sensitivity. This happens when the peroxide in the whitener manages to get through the enamel into the dentin. The nerve of the tooth gets irritated, which causes a temporary stinging sensation.

    Though it only lasts a short while, you may stop treatment for a time and try again later to avoid this. Overuse of whiteners may damage the enamel or gums, so it's important to use as directed. Feel free to express any concerns or discomfort with your dentist, as the process should be a relaxed and pain free experience.  

    At the dental office of Dr. Linger DDS, MAGD, our experience across cosmetic, surgical, and general dentistry has made us one of the most trusted dental health providers in Charlotte, N.C. for over 20 years. Visit us here to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment today.  

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