Tips for Tooth Extraction Alternative to Help Charlotte Patients.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    tooth extraction alternative

    If you have been experiencing pain in any of your teeth lately, then you are probably concerned about what it may mean. Usually once you start to experience pain from a tooth problem, it's not good news. The sooner you see your dentist in Charlotte, the better your chances are at salvaging the tooth. 

    If you're like a lot of people, life can get busy and visiting your Charlotte's dental office may get put to the back burner. When this happens, you may end up needing a tooth extraction.

    Why you may Need a Tooth Extraction

    A tooth extraction is not a procedure anyone wants to have. The thoughts of a dentist pulling your tooth out by the roots may be a bit unsettling for many people. In addition, the gap the missing tooth leaves can be problematic.

    Sometimes the teeth next to the empty space will start to shift or lean, which is less than ideal and usually requires additional dental work. Also, it is not as easy to chew your food with one of your teeth missing. Many people may feel a bit awkward about the sight of the missing tooth, as well.

    Unfortunately for some people, a tooth extraction becomes necessary. Here are some of the reasons you may need a tooth extraction:

    • Severe trauma (such as an accident occurring)
    • Root canal went bad
    • Extreme decay
    • Overcrowding

    Preventing Tooth Extractions

    By educating yourself about proper dental care, you can do a lot to avoid having a tooth extracted. While you can't avoid an accident or crowded teeth, you can reduce tooth decay. Plaque is the main offender when it comes to tooth decay.

    The acid and enzymes that plaque generates destroy the enamel of the tooth. By brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal you can help curb the growth of plaque. However, home tooth care is not quite enough to eliminate all the plaque. Plaque is able to form in between the teeth as well. That's why visiting the dentist for regular cleanings is so important.

    It can help you avoid the dreaded trip for a tooth extraction. This may seem like simple advice, but many Americans do not go to the dentist on a regular basis. It's important to make those bi-annual dental check-up and cleaning appointments.

    This is the time when your dentist will perform a visual inspection of your teeth and give you a thorough cleaning. You will also receive X-rays as needed. During a routine cleaning, the dental hygienist will remove hard calculus from your around the gum line and plaque from the teeth.

    Restoration if you Have to Get a Tooth Extraction

    Not everyone can save a tooth. Sometimes even your best efforts fail. What can be done if you do have a tooth taken out? You don't have to live with the gaping hole where the tooth once was. For one thing, it's not structurally helpful for your surrounding teeth to have one missing.

    They rely on one another for spacing and when one is gone, the ones beside it may move over. In addition, having a tooth gone can feel uncomfortable. However, you need not worry about losing one of your teeth due to an extraction.

    Dentists can perform restorative techniques to fill in the gap left from your missing tooth. Dental implants are one solution for a missing tooth. You will have a permanent implanted tooth made to fit perfectly where your missing tooth once was. Implants integrate with your natural bone structure so that you have the stability of a life-like tooth.

    Are you experiencing any problems with your teeth? Do you need to have your teeth cleaned to prevent future problems? Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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