What is a Six Month Smile?.


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    what is six month smiles 

    Adults today face a lot of pressure to look perfect. Appearance is scrutinized at work, in event photos, and anything you post on social media. For adults struggling with crooked teeth, this can be agonizing. If you didn't get the orthodonture you needed as a child or have suffered from visible dental problems in adulthood, it can seem impossible to find a solution today. 

    After all, only children and teens can get away with wearing braces and even those years can be socially difficult. Adult braces are the stuff of nightmares for most people, even if they are the only practical solution to your dental problem and insecurity about your appearance.

    Fortunately, times have changed and there are a number of solutions today for adults with crooked front teeth. Among other options like Invisalign and lingual braces is a program called Six Month Smiles.

    What is a Six Month Smile?

    The title is catchy, the concept is appealing. But what, exactly, is a Six Month Smile? This is the name brand of a growing cosmetic dentistry trend - efficient adult braces that barely show. The idea is to get your teeth in place on a tight schedule while interrupting your day-to-day life as little as possible.

    The Six Month Smiles program uses traditional brackets and wires that are designed to blend into your smile so that only people looking closely will even realize the braces are there. The program also focuses specifically on cosmetic trouble spots, speeding up the straightening process to get your teeth photo-ready in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Many people find Six Month Smiles to be the ideal solution when an upcoming event makes picture-perfect teeth a necessity.

    Applying for a great new job, getting married or attending a wedding, or even planning to re-enter the dating scene can all make your teeth a much higher priority and when that happens, you want to fix them fast. Six Month Smiles can allow you to do that with subtly blended orthodonture that will keep you from looking and feeling like a teenager.

    Clear Brackets

    The first important feature of Six Month Smiles is clear brackets. When children get braces, they often have shiny metal or colorful brackets. In many cases, this can even allow for some personalization with favorite colors.

    However, as an adult, you don't want to be broadcast your orthodonture. Instead, Six Month Smiles uses sturdy clear brackets that take on the exact color of your teeth. This means that from a distance, no one will be able to see the brackets at all and few will notice even up close.

    Tooth-Colored Wires

    The next innovation is with the wires that hold your brackets together and do all of the pulling to straighten your teeth. Because these need to be metal for strength and flexibility, the wires can't be clear like the brackets but you don't have to worry about metal shining out of your mouth.

    Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored wires to blend with your smile. The entire braces infrastructure will be nearly invisible during the time it takes to correct your teeth and when it's done, your smile will be permanently better aligned.

    Focus on Front Teeth

    The final feature of Six Month Smiles is how we make the treatment so fast and effective. Traditional braces usually take 18 months to 2 years to do their work. The way this treatment only takes six months for most patients is by primarily aligning your front teeth, the ones that appear in photos or when you're talking to others. For many people, this is all the alignment they needed in the first place if only their front teeth were misaligned.

    Of course, the best part about Six Month Smiles is that it can fix more severe correction needs than other adult orthodonture options. Real brackets and wires make it possible to align large gaps and sharply angled teeth where clear trays would be insufficient.

    With this treatment, you can correct anything from minor to extreme misalignment in a much shorter time span. For big events like an upcoming wedding or reunion, you can even perfect your smile in time for the first photo flash.

    For more information about what Six Month Smiles is and what if it's right for your needs, contact us today!

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