5 Signs That Your Teeth May Need Whitening in Charlotte NC..


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    whitening in charlotte nc

    Whitening your teeth is a personal decision everyone makes at some point in their adult life. No, not everyone chooses to whiten their teeth but the topic almost universally comes up and a choice is made. 

    You will find yourself wondering if teeth whitening is right for you. Even if you and your loved ones don't personally care about the color of your teeth, many people choose to whiten for professional or romantic reasons instead.

    If you are at that stage where you're wondering if you should whiten, let us enlighten you for a moment with signs that have guided others who have chosen to try teeth whitening in Charlotte NC.

    1) You've Noticed Your Tooth Color

    whitening in charlotte nc

    We notice each other's teeth all the time, but it's no more conscious than noticing a door handle or the color of wall paint. Is it eggshell or ivory?

    Most people, including you, don't care what color your teeth are because teeth are meant to be ignored.

    If your teeth have become yellow enough to be noticed, the coloration has gone too far and others will start to notice as well.

    This is one of the primary signs for most people that they need to roll back the clock (and hundreds of coffees) with professional whitening.

    2) You're About to Have Professional Photos Taken

    Even if 99% of the time you don't care what color your teeth are, the last thing you want in a professional headshot or official holiday photo is your slowly discoloring teeth immortalized for eternal criticism.

    While day-to-day pictures may be perfectly casual, if you're about to have professional photos taken of yourself and want to give your biggest smile, whitening can make sure your teeth are as beautiful as the rest of you.

    3) Your Family Has Yellow Teeth

    whitening in charlotte nc

    If your teeth have been yellowing for some time, there's no need to blame the coffee completely.

    Tooth color runs in families starting with your original ivory off-white shade. Some families have slightly yellower teeth naturally and many families tend toward tooth yellowing as the members get older.

    If most of your close family members have yellow teeth, chances are you do too. Even if you don't whiten today, you may choose to do so in the future to counteract this tendency toward yellowing.

    4) You're Over the Age of 35

    Modern life is not easy on teeth. There are thousands of foods, habits, and environments that can stain or yellow your teeth and most people don't brush nearly as often as they should.

    Even if you have been brushing and flossing every day for the last three decades, your teeth may still be getting a little yellow as you enter later adulthood. If you want your teeth to look as young as you feel, whitening is a great way to appear vigorous and youthful.

    5) You're Gearing Up for a Promotion

    Speaking of appearances, everyone knows that people who are perceived as younger, healthier, and more confident are more likely to be promoted. Along these lines, physical height is the only thing that is more powerful than white teeth in the instinctive realm of earning promotions.

    White teeth give off an impression of strength, impeccable personal hygiene, and possibly the ability to defeat your promotion rivals in mortal combat. 

    So is teeth whitening right for you? Whether you're looking for a self-esteem boost or simply a leg-up at work, teeth whitening is a fantastic solution for a number of tooth-related concerns.

    Even for issues that you didn't realize were tooth-related. Take life by the horns and face challenges with a blindingly white grin. For more interesting dental tips and tricks on tooth whitening and other cosmetic procedures, contact us today!


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