Reasons to Use Sedation Dentistry.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    reasons to use sedation dentistry

    Sedation dentistry allows patients to get the dental care that they want and need, without the anxiety. Sedation is used, in different degrees (depending on the need), to help a patient get through a procedure.It can be used on younger children who won't sit still all the way up to older people who need extra dental care.  Thinking about using sedation dentistry? Here are some reasons why you should.

    Less anxiety

    Many Americans avoid the dentist at all costs because they are afraid and anxious. Actually, according to the website WebMD, it is estimated that between nine and twenty percent of people don't get the dental care that they need because of this fear.

    Both children and adults can be scared of the dentist, which can affect their dental health (and in turn, their overall health). In order to stay healthy, good oral health is important. If you are anxious and afraid, sedation dentistry may allow you to stay as healthy as possible.

    You might just need a little bit of sedation or a lot, but sedation dentistry might just allow you to visit the dentist with much less stress!

    Less pain and discomfort

    Another reason that people avoid the dentist is due to the pain and discomfort felt. Due to the tartar and buildup on their teeth, many people feel uncomfortable during routine cleanings.

    If you need more work (such as fillings, crowns, and more), your dentist may use some agents to numb your mouth. However, this may not be enough.

    Because of this, you might want sedation dentistry. We will help you get through your procedure as easily (and pain-free) as possible.

    Need more numbing

    Some people don't react to the numbing agents that their dentist gives them as well as others. If your dentist struggles to numb your mouth, you may want to talk to us about sedation dentistry.

    It will give you additional analgesic effects, allowing us to get to work quicker while also being easier on you.

    Get more procedures done at once

    Without sedation dentistry, you might only be able to get one filling done at a time. If you have one on each side, you might have to come back more than once. However, with sedation dentistry, you can get all of your fillings done at once.

    The same can be said if you can't sit still for long procedures. By making you extremely relaxed (or even asleep entirely), you won't even realize that you have been in the dental chair for more than an hour!

    If you need a lot of dental work, you might want to talk to us about sedation dentistry so that you can get everything done all at once, saving you a trip!

    Bad gag reflex

    Even if you want the dental care you need, many people struggle through dental work without gagging.

    By using sedation dentistry, we can help you get through a whole procedure much easier (and quicker) if you are not gagging the whole time. You might even need some safe sedation dentistry during your pregnancy!

    Decreases your sensitivity

    Different than the gag reflux, many people struggle with a sensitive mouth. Even a dental examination and cleaning can be torture for someone with a very sensitive mouth.

    By using sedation dentistry, we can get through the procedure much easier.

    Sedation dentistry can be used on a variety of patients getting different procedures done. It can be used just for cleanings, as well as fillings, root canals, crowns, and cosmetic procedures.

    Sedation dentistry helps with the anxiety which keeps many people from going to the dentist. It allows us to get through procedures even if you have a bad gag reflux or an extra sensitive mouth.

    Also, by using sedation dentistry, you might be able to get all of your dental work done at once, instead of coming into the dentist's office multiple times.

    No matter your reason, don't hesitate to contact us to get the smile that you deserve, with less stress and anxiety using sedation dentistry.

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