What is Good Dental Hygiene?.


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    Your teeth are the front end of your digestive system. The condition of your teeth and the gums that support your teeth directly relate to the nutrition that you get from food. Your teeth are also part of your system of communication and expression. 

    The smile is a universal expression of approval and joy that immediately binds people together all over the world. The quality of your smile makes an important impact on your social relationships and the quality of your life.

    Furthermore, your teeth and gums are subject to damage and deterioration due to substances that enter your mouth every day. Your mouth has to be cleansed of substances that cause injury and deterioration every day. An antimicrobial mouth rinse also helps to reduce bacteria and plaque. 

    Taking Good Care of Your Mouth.

    Although genetics do play a role in whether or not you get cavities, regular brushing and deep cleaning of the enamel of the teeth can help by removing the plaque that harbors the agents of decay. This kind of care also stimulates your gums to help prevent gum disease.

    Plaque is the major villain of the mouth. It is a sticky layer of material that contains bacteria, the remains of dead bacteria, and sugars that the bacteria excrete. It is everywhere on the teeth, but most often accumulates in places where regular tooth brushing can't reach.

    Plaque also contains sugars that are converted from sugary and starchy foods. Plaque irritates your gums and causes swelling which opens crevices in the gums around teeth for more bacteria and puss to accumulate.

    Once plaque develops in your mouth it will cause the gums to pull away from the base of the teeth, a condition known as gum recession. Gum recession is common among older people. The root and nerve into the tooth become exposed to air and temperature change, which brings cold and hot spots. It is a principle reason while people have tooth aches. Gum recession also leads to tooth loss--especially in older people.

    Disease Detection:

    Regular visits to the dentist are partly for the detection of the onset of diseases that affect the mouth and teeth. These health issues that dentists detect are:

    • Vitamin deficiencies.
    • Acid reflux disease.
    • Diabetes.
    • Osteoporosis.
    • Oral cancers.
    • Heart problems.
    • Tooth grinding,
    • Even dementia and mental health issues.

    Infections that start in your mouth can lead to worse health concerns. Gingivitis is a common swelling of the gums. It can develop into diseases of the gum, periodontitis, that can lead to extreme weakening of the supportive bone and tissue that supports the teeth and cause large-scale tooth loss. Infections that develop in the mouth are linked to:

    • Asthma.
    • Arthritis.
    • Premature births.
    • Respiratory diseases.
    • Coronary artery disease.
    • Stroke.

    The Dental Hygienist:

    The dental hygienist is trained and equipped to clean and polish teeth by hand and using powered cleaning brushes and ultrasonic devices. They may remove stains on the enamel of your teeth using an air polishing device which sprays a mixture of air, water, and baking soda. They also use dental x-ray equipment that detects tooth, jaw or bone problems to initiate the dentist's examination.

    There are many medicinal sealants and fluoride treatments the hygienist can use to help protect the tooth enamel and close entry points for bacteria and sugars. Hygienists are experts on the relationship between diet and dental health. They may provide advice about diet. They can advise you about the correct toothbrush and other dental hygiene tools to buy.

    Visits to the dentist almost always include the services of the dental hygienist whose interest is in preventing tooth and gum disease, rather than treating an existing disease.

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