Gum Disease Treatment Eliminates the Need for Surgery.


    Posted by Dr. William Linger, DDS, MAGD

    gum disease treatment

    Treatment of gum disease is one of the most requested services we provide.    Offering this treatment is one of the Concierge Dental Services that sets our office apart.  Our patients appreciate not having to see another doctor for this.  Gum disease treatments is one of our most experienced solutions offered.

    The treatment of moderate to severe gum disease without surgery is a ground breaking, minimally invasive technique called MicroEndoscopic Gum Therapy  that removes infection from under the gums and allow for bone regeneration.

    What is MicroEndoscopic Gum Therapy (MEGT)?

    • MEGT is Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease that previously was only treatable through surgery .
    • Elimination of infection and in many cases, bone is regenerated.
    • Removal of deposits of Calculus(Tarter), Bacterial Biofilm, and Granulation Tissue (Scar Tissue that harbors bacteria).
    • Dr. Linger and his team of talented hygienists work use a Surgical Operating Microscope to see below the gum-line. Use of Specialized Instruments for cleaning below the gum line.
    • Removal of Biofilm through extensive use of Ultrasonic Instruments
    • Irrigation of Periodontal Pockets with Medicated Solution.
    • Placement on Antibiotic directly in the Periodontal Pockets.

    Is this the same as Scaling and Root Planing or ‘Deep Cleaning’?

    • MEGT treatment in our office is much more extensive than what typical dental offices call Scaling and Root Planing or ‘Deep Cleaning,’ in that it treats areas of moderate to severe periodontal disease and can regenerate bone without surgery.
    • Typical Scaling and Root Planing works for pockets 5mm or less.  In cases of 6mm or greater, Surgical Procedures are usually indicated.
    • With MEGT, we are able to see under the gum-line, including pockets deeper than 5 or 6mm.
    • MEGT eliminates the need for Periodontal Surgery in over 97% of cases with 6mm pockets or higher.
    • The fee for this service and the time allotted is based on the individual needs of the patient and the severity of the disease.
    • Most dental offices allow only 45 minutes to one hour for a quadrant of  'Deep Cleaning' regardless of the severity of the disease. This is not nearly enough time to treat moderate or severe gum disease. The result is that surgery will be needed to completely treat the problem.

    gum disease treatment

    Why Use the Microscope?

    Dr. Linger and our dental hygienists use Global Surgical Microscopes on all procedures, which gives them a tremendous advantage over traditional dental treatment. Scientific studies show that using the surgical microscope coupled with the principles of microsurgery provide patients with the following benefits:

    • Decreased inflammatory (pain) response
    • Faster healing time
    • Increased patient comfort

    The surgical microscope has a magnification range of two to twenty-six times that of the naked eye.

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